Apr 11, 2015

My Face is not my Brand

I have been thinking about author branding and struggling with what is a brand? Most authors have their face as their brand. Their book cover is also a brand, especially if it is a series. Famous author's names are a brand. In my case, I have many interests ranging from graphic novels, story telling, technology and management. Considering an icon that I can use consistently like the twitter bird logo. Something simple and catchy. There's the branding strategy around the logo, brand and even a tag line.

The above strip is from my graphic novel, it shows Max is confused about the spin being put on the project by his manager, Mr. Lee. The manager has created a tag line that brands the project as something new and innovative. Max is left selling the project with the tag line, but he is struggling with why the work is being done.

Apr 5, 2015

A DIY guide to self-publishing

This presentation and workshop is designed for writers who want to get started with self-publishing. It will show you how to get both your print and eBook on Amazon. It will also cover how to create a basic author platform with a simple blog and social media.
  • How to get your book published in print and on a Kindle.
  • How to create and maintain a simple blog
  • How online publishing and sales work
  • How to focus your blog content and keywords to attract readers

Building Books and Selling Stories
A DIY guide to self-publishing
This workshop was given at the Terry Fox Library on April 4th, 2015
Organized by the Tri-City Wordsmiths

Mar 10, 2015

From idea to graphic novel, a three year journey

Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it”

After a little over three years, a graphic novel. A journey learning the craft, developing the story and learning to draw. Yes it was a creative process, but there was the technical production, the scanning, book formatting, and publishing. 
This was an obsession that consumed my time for no good reason other than produce a visual story. Now its time to celebrate and enjoy my new found free time and maybe even sell a few books. 

In the end, like Ralf Steadman says “For no good reason