Aug 13, 2015

Writers, Artists and Creative types - A Strange Breed?

As writers, we are indeed strange breed. We write because we do. It is not a money-making profession, save a select few. Typically we do not like selling and marketing, we would rather be writing. Getting an agent and a publisher is hard work and has long waits between query letters and manuscript submissions. 

What a crazy bunch we are, we would rather fling our material to an agent and hope that the publisher will deal with marketing and sales. That’s why for many getting an agent and traditionally published is appealing. We do not want to be bothered with formatting, building ebooks, print books and selling our souls on social media. 

It starts with a passion, becomes an obsession and then becomes an addiction. A good addiction to release that creative energy. It comes from an inner calling. This is what I have observed from my fellow writers and artists. Do not expect to become rich overnight. However with effort, time, passion and if the universe aligns with your stars it may happen. So, just keep on creating.

Jun 16, 2015

Social Media Jenny, #ImWriting #noisyme

As authors and artists we are not very effective is how we use social media to promote our work. Its hard to get noticed in this noisy connected world. As for myself, I am not consistent or on message. Although mostly organic, more of a creative outlet. That's the story I will stick with for now anyway. Give the readers what they want, experiment without compromising what you like and something will happen. #iBelieve

Curious, what social media techniques have worked for you?

Above Jenny is tweeting and blogging within the office environment, as the antagonist in the story she is making waves with social media in a smaller office ecosystem with a captive audience. Now she is effective and may even affect change in her plot to destroy the protagonist’s credibility. The above panel is from the graphic novel, The Cheese In Between.

Social Media and Marketing Resources

Here is a collection of some great visuals on social media on Pinterest.

Also slides from a recent talk to writers and authors on Building Books and Selling Stories.

Apr 11, 2015

My Face is not my Brand

I have been thinking about author branding and struggling with what is a brand? Most authors have their face as their brand. Their book cover is also a brand, especially if it is a series. Famous author's names are a brand. In my case, I have many interests ranging from graphic novels, story telling, technology and management. Considering an icon that I can use consistently like the twitter bird logo. Something simple and catchy. There's the branding strategy around the logo, brand and even a tag line.

The above strip is from my graphic novel, it shows Max is confused about the spin being put on the project by his manager, Mr. Lee. The manager has created a tag line that brands the project as something new and innovative. Max is left selling the project with the tag line, but he is struggling with why the work is being done.