Mar 24, 2014

The 7 Step eBook UNPUBLISHED!

Four years ago, I was assisting writers self publish, in the process I wrote a book on how to market and self publish both print on demand books and eBooks.

I decided to unpublish "The 7 Step eBook" because the self publishing industry is changing fast and some of the content in my book is now outdated.  There is still a lot of valuable content in the book which I intend to share in this blog as time and desire permit.

Over time through experimentation, reading, drawing and meeting with artists and writers in many forums I found my passion in graphic novels.

This blog will now be true to authors, graphic novelists and artists. Please join me in the journey.

Thank You

Sep 1, 2013

How eBook Maketing and Sales work online

Amazon provides a great platform for authors to sell eBooks and print books. This section is an extract from the "7 Step eBook."  The book describes how to attract potential buyers and direct them to your online book seller.  Okay so you've built your author platform online with social media and a blog, now what?
It is important to understand how blogs, social media and book sales all work together in harmony.  Each of these online tools feeds on the other; it is a symbiotic relationship. A tweet will drive visitors to your blog; your blog will direct customers to purchase your eBook.  Your job is to get buyers to land on your blog or to your eBook retail sites.  Once a visitor has landed on your site, you need to convince the visitor to buy your eBook. The converted customer then purchases the book from your online booksellers and the money magically appears in your bank account.

Follow Figure 5 and see how the money flows from readers to your bank account:
(1)   Readers (circles) are fishing for information on the internet (WWW) using search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.
(2)   Using the right combination of search keywords on your blog and book sales site, you want to hook customers to land on your eBook, print book and blog, web, retail sites (3, 4, and 5.)
(3)   Once the customer has landed on your blog, you need to convince them that your book is worth buying and direct them to the eBook retailer or print on demand site (POD.)
(4)   Customers arrive to the POD sales site either directly from the internet or from your blog site to purchase a print copy.  In this book, we will set up the print book using CreateSpace and sell on
(5)   Customers arrive to your eBook sales site, either directly from the internet, or from your blog site to make a purchase. eBook retailers include Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Chapters.
(6)   When a sale is made, the customer downloads the eBook onto an eReader and your eBook retailers deposit money to your bank account.
(7)   Targeted ads, tweets and Facebook posts get more readers to visit your blog, eBook and pBook retail sites (3, 4, and 5.)
Note:  Customers may also arrive directly from the internet to your sales sites, based on keywords set up on your retail sites. Setting up the right keywords or tags on your author page on Amazon, Smashwords and Apple iBooks is a key strategy. 

Jul 20, 2013

Out Of Africa, a poem

Out of Africa I came, an Asian African man
From torn and battered sands
Escaped to the Western lands

Serengeti plains I ran
With Zebra’s on the land
Freedom did I find
In this vast and beautiful Zebra land

Shanty valley people, friends I became
Served the last corn meal in a tin can
Humbled, I became
Misunderstood by Western man

Growth I found in the Western land
From the African seed that nourished my soul
And the sitar that took me on a stroll
Did the flower bloom on Canadian soil

Now identity, I have
And a maple do I wave
With freedom to sing my song

(c) 2010-2013 Sadiq Somjee (Author) 

Note: I have not published any of my poems, although I have been writing for decades. This one was released to the 2010 Samosa Festival in Kenya. Its the only poem I have shared with the public.

Image Credit Zia Somjee